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Our Philosophy

Our especially designed training programs are for those teachers and educational providers who are interested in adding a European dimension to their careers and who want to get valuable insights into other cultures, especially in terms of education and formation, i.e. the diversity of ideas and concepts.


European Exchange also believes that the European idea, spirit and identity can best be understood and lived by cooperating with qualified professionals, associations and institutions on location.


We furthermore enhance the European dimension of our courses under the Erasmus+ and Erasmus K1 program by working with multinational individuals and trainers with different background. Our goal is to show an overall image, to engage participants and to enable deep self-reflection.

Meet Our Team

Pedro Ferreira

A Portuguese that started his  professional life in beautiful

Stuttgart in Germany. Became a Globetrotter and worked in several consulting and educational projects

throughout Central and South America. Here he learned to communicate in sign language, in order to support small community schools. He now is a full-time writer for diverse publications and institutions, like the Goethe-Institut. He lives with his cat in Lisbon.

Ariane Reipke

Born in the Ruhrgebiet in Germany. Before moving to 

Portugal in 1999, she completed her studies in business administration in Berlin. In Portugal she proceeded studying human science at the University of Lisbon. Since 2001 she has been working as event manager and coordinator for several event and travel agencies. Co-founder of the German-African Association in Lisbon.

Axel Wiczorke

After studying literature, musicology and sociology in Karlsruhe in Germany, he worked as a music teacher for many years before he visited the Kaskeline Film School in Berlin. In the end he stayed for another six years, working in the German film business. Back in Southern Germany he started a film school, working closely with teachers and educators. In 2014 he moved to Lisbon. He now works as a freelance filmmaker and photographer.



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