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Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling is the practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories. This is done with the help of a variety of multimedia, including photos, graphics, audio (sound, speech, music), video, and Web publishing tools. 


There are numerous ways that Digital Storytelling can be used in education. Whether an instructor creates a Digital Story (as a way to present new material) or students do it by themselves: Whenever digital storytelling is used at school, it provides a strong foundation in many different types of literacy which can be labeled as “21st Century Literacy.” Furthermore it can help to foster critical and interpretive thinking and enhance students’ learning experience and motivation.

The objective of this course is to introduce educators to digital storytelling techniques and how to use them in the classroom.

10.05-14.05.2021 This is a 5-day course!

12.06-18.06.2021 Confirmed! (Course language: German)

12.07-16.07.2021 This is a 5-day course!


25.10-29.10.2021 This is a 5-day course!


Course location: Lisbon, Portugal.

The course fee for the 7-day course is 490€,

for the 5-day course it is 350€.

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Teaching Cinema in the Classroom
and Beyond

In this course for teachers and educators who are responsible for project groups related to video and film at their school, we will learn all the necessary skills and tools for making films at a professional level, theoretically and practically.

In the center of our concept of media education, which is based on the perception of film as a work of art that you have "to learn to love" (Aain Bergala), lies observation, sensitivity and the artistic process of creation. Hence the focus of this kind of media education shifts from an analytical and receptive film pedagogy towards a pedagogy of the process of creation.

Furthermore the pedagogical support of the creative process by experts and trained teachers can be understood as a "School of Seeing". Not only does it automatically teaches the first modules of a critical media reception, it also teaches a whole set of key skills: social competence, creativity, discipline, communication, responsibility, feeling of togetherness.​​




21.06-27.06.2021 Advanced filmmaking*



18.10-24.10.2021 Advanced filmmaking*


Course location: Lisbon, Portugal.

The course fee is 490€.

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Enhance your Physical, Mental and Emotional Health with Yoga and Meditation

The goal of this course is to prevent and reduce the effects of stress in educators while dealing with the daily work demands. The practices you learn will allow you, not only to feel more energized, stronger physically but also to be more efficient and focused, more balanced and relaxed throughout any situation you need to handle.

The methodology is such that – once you have learnt- you will be able to practice safely and confidently on your own those yoga practices.

This includes yogasanas, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation. There are innumerable articles proving from a scientific point of view the benefits of regular yoga practice including meditation. Those benefits include: reduction of stress and anxiety, increased energy, regulation of the blood pressure, improving sleep quality, better overall well-being and much more.





Course location: Lisbon, Portugal.

The course fee is 490€.

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The Third Ear - Working with Audio in the Classroom

This course is about bringing audio and the power of hearing back to the classroom. We will learn how to expand our ears and learn again how to actively listen and hear.

We will get into audio storytelling, learn how to set up a podcast, learn the basics in theory and practice of creating a radio play (often referred to as “film for the ears“). We will also create our own sounds and get into apps and tools for recording, editing and mixing audio.


At the same time the city of Lisbon will function as a backdrop for our hearing exercises: What are the sounds that surround us? How can we describe sounds and how are they organized in space?



Course location: Lisbon, Portugal​.

The course fee for the 7-day course is 490€,

for the 5-day course it is 350€.

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